Homer Glen Illinois Real Estate Agent Kim Wirtz

Homer Glen real estate agentSome people think they can buy a home without a Realtor, but this is a challenging market with lots of moving parts. You need a Realtor to help you manage it. You need someone who’s invested in educating you about how to buy a home and can help you interpret the local market while giving you some nitty-gritty advice like making sure you have some liquid cash available before you start looking at homes so you don’t have to wait to make an offer.

Buying a home is a three-part process, including looking for property and arranging financing, negotiating a contract and then getting to settlement. An agent can provide advice and insight during each of those phases.

Realtors can sometimes show buyers properties that they didn’t think they wanted to see but that work for them. Realtors have the knowledge and connections to push an offer or to make sure it’s written strongly enough to compete with other offers when there’s competition. When there isn’t competition for a property, an experienced Realtor can make recommendations about how much to offer formulated on evidence of the actual home value.

Full-time agents also see so many properties that they can help buyers understand the value in different homes and be realistic about the condition of the property and potential repair costs.

Selling your home?

Good real estate agents do a lot of work to earn their commission, saving you time and energy, and hopefully getting your home sold quickly and for a good price. Here are some of the main tasks that agents handle for sellers:

A great agent will recommend the appropriate listing price.  Agents have access to important information on sales of comparable houses – including more recent sales information than is publicly accessible online — and will suggest a list price that they think will best attract buyers to your home. It’s to an agent’s advantage to sell at as high a price as possible (in order to get the highest commission), so if the recommended price is less than you hoped, remember the agent is either being realistic, or deliberately setting the price low in order to bring in prospective buyers and perhaps prompt some competitive bidding. If you overprice your house, it may sit unsold for months, until no one wants to look at it anymore.

A great Homer Glen real estate agent will advertise your property for sale and show it to prospective buyers.  You want as many buyers as possible to know that your house is on the market—and better yet, to want to see it. Agents typically arrange to have the house photographed (inside and out); write ad copy, and advertise the house by posting online (in the Multiple Listing Service, or MLS, and other sites); send out flyers, hold open houses, or whatever is appropriate to your house and market. The agent will show the house to interested buyer privately, and/or at open houses.

Your Homer Glen Realtor will also review offers and negotiate a deal.  Hopefully, your agent’s advice regarding price, staging, and marketing your house will pay off and you’ll have at least one or two offers to consider. Your agent will review all the details of offers with you, especially any contingencies, such as buyer financing and inspections.  Your agent will explain areas of concern regarding the buyer’s offer and advise you on how to respond (perhaps by counter offering on the price or other terms). If you accept an offer, your agent will work with the buyer’s agent to iron out the terms of the deal.

Whether you’re buying or selling a Homer Glen IL home, you’ll want the right real estate agent by your side.  Contact award winning Realtor Kim Wirtz today for all of your real estate needs!