Orland Park IL Real Estate Agent Kim Wirtz

orland park il real estate agent and realtorIn some ways, the buyer/seller real estate agent relationship is similar to a romantic one. In either situation, the relationship’s success or failure depends a lot on picking the “right” partner from the beginning. Chemistry and communications also play an important role.

Here’s how you can find the best Orland Park Illinois real estate agent “match” and nurture that relationship to achieve your goal: buying your dream home.

  1. Realtors — agents who are members of the National Association of Realtors and adhere to its code of ethics and standards of practice — are versed in which homes are a good value in the current market, what locations are most desirable, and how real estate laws and contracts work. If a buyer doesn’t have extensive knowledge of all the aspects of a real estate transaction — such as negotiating price terms and conditions of purchase — they can easily be taken advantage of, but a Realtor is obligated by law to protect your interests.
  2. Once you’ve decided to sell, you start to see these signs everywhere. They represent two things – information and threats. They tell you who has dominance in the market and who has similar listings to yours. Agents love it when they get a cluster of signs in an area. Success breeds success.  There is no doubt in my mind that if there were five boards up in the street for the same agent, you’d get them in to look at your house. You might not give the listing to them, but you’d get them in. It’s what we all want.
  3. An agent could come highly recommended and be thoroughly experienced. But with any relationship, chemistry (or lack of it) comes into play. When you first talk to an agent, ask yourself: Is this someone you’d want to spend time with? Does the agent “get” you? Will you feel comfortable sharing your financial and other personal information with him? If you answer “no,” keep looking for someone you click with.
  4. To ensure this process goes smoothly, the experts agree it’s important to find someone who is a good personality fit. Buying a house is probably the biggest financial transaction most people will make in their lives. You should do it with someone you can trust and enjoy spending time with.

    A good way to find that out is by interviewing potential agents in person. Ask about their areas of expertise, the neighborhoods in which the majority of their sales occur, if they own any real estate themselves and how long they’ve been in the business.

  5. This is probably the most important step to any successful relationship: maintaining open, honest communications. With your real estate agent, be upfront from the start about how you like to work and what you might expect from them. Express concerns you have along the way. Above all, give the agent constructive feedback that will help him succeed.

    In most cases, you’ll be spending a lot of time with your agent during the home buying process. So choose wisely. Picking the wrong agent can add to the stress, frustration, and uncertainty of buying a home. On the other hand, choosing the right agent can make the process significantly easier and more successful.

Orland Park IL real estate can be stressful, you’ll want the best help available when if comes to your real estate transaction.  Contact Kim Wirtz today, Orland Park’s best real estate agent for all of your Orland Park real estate needs.