Tinley Park IL Real Estate Agent Kim Wirtz

tinely park il real estate agentTinley Park real estate is stressful. Between setting up your home for showings, trying to figure out where you’re going to make compromises, and making a gigantic life change, you’re overwhelmed.

Whether you’re buying or selling your Tinley Park home, you want a real estate agent you trust. You want someone who understands the market and is experienced at negotiating. You want a partner who can reduce your stress.

There’s tons of conflicting information about the types of Tinely Park real estate agents out there. How do you pick one? Should you go with a real estate broker, a Realtor, or a real estate agent? What are a real estate agency’s responsibilities?

  1. When you sit down with a prospective agent it pays to quiz them on how they intend to position your property – who do they define as your target market? A good agent should provide clear guidance on your property’s appeal, and tailor your marketing strategy to this target market.

    With a clear understanding of your future buyer, your agent will also be better placed to provide advice on things like minor renovations, staging, and styling.

  2. Ask for references from previous clients in your neighborhood: It surprises me how rarely people ask for references from agents. If you have ever been on either side of the job interview process you know that past performance predicts future behavior.

    If it is a big name agent from the neighborhood, find out if you will be dealing with them or a member of their team. People are often surprised when they hire an agent but end up working with a member of their team. You may be fine with that, or you may have hired the agent for their specific expertise and want their personal involvement. Make sure you know what you’re getting and are comfortable with that.

  3. Consider past client reviews.  While sales data is arguably the most objective way to compare real estate agents, it’s not necessarily the end all be all. Ask each agent for a few references from a few of their previous contacts, read up on a decent sample set of online reviews posted on their various agent profiles, and do everything you can to make sure they’re a good personality fit.
  4. Find an agent who specializes in your suburb. Local knowledge of schools, demographics, public transport options, and local attractions are invaluable when dealing with prospective buyers.

    According to research from market researchers GFK, 58 per cent of Australian home buyers looking to buy within 5 kilometers of their current address, while 91 percent look to move within 40 kilometers of their current address. That’s why it is critical that your agent has an in-depth understanding of your neighborhood because it’s likely your future buyer will.

    Your agent should also know about what’s coming up in your suburb. Things like new developments, new shopping centers or even incoming infrastructure, like light-rail, can make all the difference to buyers.

Whether you’re buying or selling a home in Tinley Park Illinois, you’ll want the most qualified Realtor available.  Kim Wirtz is Tinley Park’s best real estate agent.  Contact Kim today for all of your Tinely Park IL real estate needs!