Kim Wirtz – Realtor Lockport IL (Why Choose Century 21? )

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Kim Wirtz – Realtor Lockport IL (Why Choose Century 21? )

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Why Choose Century 21? Kim Wirtz Explains

Hi, everybody, I’m Kim Wirtz. I’m a real estate agent here at Century 21 Affiliated, and you might ask why Century 21 Affiliated? Well, I’ll tell you why. In fact, I’ve been working here for about the last 18 years. And about 19 years ago, I signed up with a No-Name real estate company, and I sat there and I sat there and I sat there and I did not receive any leads. The phone wasn’t ringing.

I knew I needed to make a change. And Century twenty one tried to recruit me at the time. So I came. I met with the manager and it really changed my life. I, I joined the new office. In fact, I work predominantly out of the Lockport office and the phone was ringing. The leads were there. I actually my first year probably went from having no business to probably closing about 50 transactions that every year from there I grew.

Most importantly, I always know that every listing I take and every deal I create is going to be checked and double check, which is very important. They always make sure I include every important document to keep myself safe, my buyers safe and my license safe. That’s number one key. I also have staff that will process all of my files. They create the commission statements. They make sure from the time I either take a listing to the top or at the time I, I send them a contract to the time we close that everything is in the right place.

We do hold the earnest money at our office, which is very important. We don’t have to worry about someone dropping off the earnest money at an attorney’s office. In fact, we are learning that we’re going to be able to take wires and automatic deposits for earnest money as well, which is a great century. Twenty one affiliate. It does offer a lot of tools for new agents as well. We have plenty of new agent training. There is a lot of leads as well.

That century. Twenty one gives. We have something called the Emily Matthews team, which is a lead generation that is distributed to the real estate agents that belong to our company that want to participate. We also belong to several relocation networks. People have often asked me because I have built a pretty well known name for myself over the years, why do you stay with century twenty one? Why don’t you go off on your own and and start your own real estate company?

And that’s a good question. I do really believe in the brand century. Twenty one is one of the oldest real estate companies around. And our president and CEO Mike Miller, he’s a really good guy and he’s constantly looking for additional cutting edge techniques. We have a platform called Twenty One Online that we belong to. And from that platform, we can create videos, we can create brochures. We can send our clients emails of all of their marketing activity.

How many people are looking at it on Zillow and real on century twenty one dot com, etc.. We also have a real satisfied platform which we all know reviews our key and century. Twenty one automatically sends all of our past clients a form to fill out the review on our behalf, whether bad but hopefully good. We get those reviews to keep us on point as well. I can’t say enough good things about century twenty one, especially century twenty one affiliated and our affiliated family.

Anyone could reach out to me. If you want some tips, my cell phone number seven eight five one six three zero five zero. My office number is eight one five eight three eight zero one one zero. You can always ask to speak to my manager, Bev Romanski, if you’d like to hear. I have an interview and lastly, we also do have a real estate school called the Real Estate Sales Academy. Peggy Strode is an amazing instructor who in fact, I do my continuing education with.

So we have a lot of resources available here. If you’re thinking of getting into the real estate business or even changing brands. Please keep us in mind and give us a shot. I think you will be happy. You did have a good day.

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