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Homes For Sale And Real Estate | Top Rated Realtor Lockport
Lockport, IL Homes For Sale And Real Estate (Top Rated Realtor)
February 16, 2022
rankfort, IL Real Estate: A Great Place To Live
11 Tips On How To Market Your Home For Sale
April 13, 2022
Homes For Sale And Real Estate | Top Rated Realtor Lockport
Lockport, IL Homes For Sale And Real Estate (Top Rated Realtor)
February 16, 2022
rankfort, IL Real Estate: A Great Place To Live
11 Tips On How To Market Your Home For Sale
April 13, 2022

Real Estate Tips to Get the Best Price for Your Home

Most house sellers want to earn as much money as possible for their property. If you are thinking about selling your house, you should know what an excellent realtor in town can do for you. Selecting an experienced real estate agent is a perfect choice to ensure that you can prepare your home for sale and get the most out of it. My name is Kim Wirtz. I am a real estate agent who can help you finish the process of selling your house at the best price. You can contact me at (708) 516-3050 now!

Let Me Tell You More About Me

I am a Realtor and have been named the top real estate agent among all Century 21 agents nationwide. I am from Lockport, Illinois, and have been a licensed realtor since 1992. I provide services relating to selling and buying homes, delivering and ensuring a timely, courteous, and professional transaction that meets every need.

You can look at our frequently asked questions about selling and buying real estate. You can also drop me an email and read some of my customers’ reviews.

Prepare Your Home For Sale
Prepare Your Home For Sale

7 Tips To Prepare Your Home For Sale

To get a better price, you can prepare your home for sale, make it appealing to prospects, and then sell it. If you need help with things to do and can be visible on the market, you can follow the “preparing house for sale checklist.” The following are some considerations to put on the list while the house is on the market:

1. Keep It Clean

The most important way to make a good impression is to keep your home clean. Keeping a clean house while on the market creates an excellent first impression on the buyer

Any time is a good time for people to come and see the house. You may not have enough time to make it ready, but you need to establish and stick to a cleaning plan such as: getting the house ready to sell checklist.

It will help in the kitchen and bathroom are clean every day. You may need to empty the garbage cans and clean the floor before leaving home. Every week, you can cut the grass, remove weeds and keep the path and porch clean for easy access.

If you have children, you can tidy up toys or set a limit on how many toys the kids can have out at once. If you are a pet lover, keep their stuff, food, and toys neat and clean all the time. You may want to put the pets away, too, when possible, for a few weeks during shows to get rid of pet odors.

2. Declutter

The kitchen should be clean and free of clutter at all times. Remove extra furniture, linens, and trinkets to make it look bigger. It would be a great idea to keep unwanted things in a storage kit. The size of the kitchen, bathroom, and storage space are essential selling points.

Making the rooms appear as large as possible will attract buyers. That is why some home-stage professionals will advise you to cut half of the belongings or pieces of furniture. Avoid storing things in closets, cabinets, attics, and basements, as most buyers check them. You may use storage boxes beneath mattresses or pile them in a basement or closet. Baskets within cabinets may also help keep things tidy.

Buyers should be able to walk in areas without bumping into furniture. Make sure that furniture does not block doorways, windows, or architectural aspects as the decluttering process also includes furniture. It can help you determine which items to discard, store, or donate. You may hire a professional organizer to assist you with decluttering if there is too much stuff that needs tidying.

3. Paint

Painting is one of the best ideas real estate agents advise their clients, as fresh coat paints help change the mood and feel of the place. Light color paints can make small rooms look more prominent. Adding some beautiful paintings on the walls is a great idea too. A low-key, neutral color scheme inside the house can look good with everything.

Homeowners usually do painting jobs but before painting, prepare the rooms by getting rid of the dust and dirt on the walls. It would be best if you fixed any holes and taped the trim first to even the walls before painting. Cover the furniture and the floor with a drop cloth to avoid messing them up with paint drops. Each coat of paint will take one to two hours to complete and if you do not have the time to paint the whole house yourself then you can hire a professional painter.

4. Lighting

It is a good idea to have good lighting in the house as proper lighting helps to make the buyer think of positive things. People spend most of their time in places with lighting cause light brings good vibration. Examine the lighting both inside and outside the home to see how it affects the area. Changing the bulbs is sometimes the most remarkable thing for the lighting. Brighter lights can help give the property a more dynamic appearance. Try to focus on where to put the light and if you think there is too much light, then you can use blinds and curtains to help you control the lights that come into the house.

5. Storage Area

It is crucial to have a large storage room, it gives you a place to put the things you do not want anymore or you want to give away. Storage facilities must be attractive and roomy. It can be a less glamorous, but a more helpful element of a home, and having enough storage may make or break a deal. 

Home Odor Removal
Removing Odors From Your Home

6. Get Rid of Bad Odors

Bad odors in the property might give a buyer an unfavorable impression. Potential buyers may leave before seeing the home because of unpleasant odors. The odor may lead to a negative opinion. So, if you’re a cook or a pet owner, be sure to keep the house clean and fresh. Focus on making the home desirable to potential buyers by adding some fragrant scents such as candles or fresh flowers.

Some causes of foul odors are cigarette smoke, dirty laundry, rotten fruits, filled trash, and pets. You can also properly ventilate your house by opening the windows so that bad odors can go out and fresh air can come in. Fans can help circulate air and improve ventilation. Some homeowners use baking soda for cleaning and eliminating bad odors or you can freshly grind coffee to help absorb odors.

7. Keep Your Outdoors Clean

The first thing the buyer notices when coming to a house is the neatness of exterior areas such as lawns, patios. and pathways. So ensure that the outside space is tidy and has a pleasant atmosphere while the house is on the market. You can prepare your home for sale by maintaining a clean front and back yard as it is important as keeping a clean inside. 

A backyard with places for outdoor living, cooking, and recreation is a significant plus. If you’re attempting to sell a house, such amenities are beneficial and can add value to the house. When it comes to outside space, buyers prefer function above size, and they’re prepared to pay more for things that allow them to spend more time outside.

It is essential to look at a home for sale from the buyer’s point of view when you want to sell it. In this way, you can assess what needs to be considered when purchasing a house yourself from the buyer’s perspective. If you use the “Checklist to Get House Ready to Sell” strategy, you’ll have a decent chance of a low-stress project. The main goal is to sell the house for a reasonable price and make it desirable to potential buyers when they come to see it for the first time.

A well-outlined project plan of what needs to be done before selling your house can be a big help, or you could also search for these online by keying in a “preparing home ready to sell checklist.” Both of these lists can help you track everything and ensure you do not forget anything. 

And finally, as a recommendation, to sell a house at a reasonable price, you need to find the best realtor. Inquire about the potential real estate agent’s experience with specific selling residences to people who are familiar with the entire procedure. The realtor should have a firm and knowledgeable strategy for selling a home. And lastly, being able to communicate with loan firms to ensure that the data is accurate.

Once again, my name is Kim Wirtz, and I work as a Realtor. The real estate agent you can rely on to sell a house quickly and for a fair price. When you are ready, please contact me or call me at (708) 516-3050.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Prepare My House for Sale?

With the following tips, you can ensure that your home is ready to entice passers-by: Siding and walkways should be power washed. Easy-to-read house numbers should be hung. Blooming flowers and fresh greenery should be planted. Mow the lawn and, as needed, reseed or add new sod. Clean the front windows. As needed, repaint or stain the porch floor.

What Is the Secret to Selling a House Quickly?

The key to a quick sale is that the seller may have to lower the property price.

How Do I Prepare My House for Sale and Move?

The following is a checklist of items to complete prior to listing your home: Conduct research and conduct interviews with real estate agents. Declutter, possibly by relocating surplus items to a storage unit. Consider an optional home inspection to ascertain any problems. If necessary, schedule repairs. Thorough cleaning The house should be staged. Have you arranged for professional photography?

Which Renovations Add the Most Value?

An updated kitchen or bathroom with modern amenities adds instant value to a home, but these are also the most expensive rooms to renovate. There is almost always room to update a bathroom or kitchen without completely redoing the space.

Can you sell a house with stuff in it?

When you sell your house as-is in real estate, you are able to sell it in its current condition without having to make any repairs before closing the deal. You and the buyer have agreed that the home’s condition is “as is,” and they are aware of any inclusions.