The Selling Process

Selling a home is a rather extensive process, but when done well it can be very rewarding.

It is important to select an experienced real estate agent to make sure that you get the most for your home. A good agent will keep your best interest in mind and utilize their knowledge of your local real estate market to sell your home. Many mistakes that cost the seller time and money will be avoided by using the right Realtor. Here are the steps of the selling process from professional Realtor, Kim Wirtz:

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The Selling Process

The Selling Process

Most sellers want to get the most money for their home as possible. Yet, the differences between sellers are significant. Some need to close by a certain date. Others are able to take more time if it means a bigger return. Each local real estate market is different as well. This is why the initial meeting is so important. We’ll cover your goals, timeline, method of communication, and more!

Determine the Plan

A solid, well-informed strategy for selling your home is essential to a successful transaction. This plan takes into account comparative sales, the condition of the local market, potential upgrades, estimated home value, needed repairs, and other factors. A timeline will be set and you’ll leave feeling confident that the sale of your home is underway.


First impressions go a long way among buyers. They need to feel what it will be like to live in your house. This is why staging is so important. It helps reveal the space that exists in the home, helps to engage the visitor, and encourages them to even dream a little.

Listing Paperwork

The paperwork that needs to be completed in order to list your home is best left to a trusted real estate agent. Let their expertise work for you to ensure everything is done correctly. This will save you time and money in the long run.

Market Exposure

This step includes taking professional pictures of your home, marketing via the internet, social media, home listing sites, and networking with other real estate agents. In our current technological age it is crucial that your home is given exposure online. Most buyers use popular search engines to quickly sift through potential homes to buy. Your home needs to be represented in a way that will attract the right buyers.


Although most buyers start online, they will want an in-person look at your home as well. Presenting your home in a way that is accurate yet also highlights its best features is a part of this step.


Should you accept that offer or not? Well, there’s many factors involved when it comes to accepting an offer. With your real estate agent by your side you can rely on their experience when responding to offers on your house. They will know the status of the local market, potential of multiple offers, and how to leverage offers to result in getting the most for your home.


The transaction of a home is from Realtor to Realtor. This means that, when it comes to negotiations, you want to make sure you aren’t out-matched. It’s important to hire an agent with experience in negotiations so that your interests are protected. Knowing the ropes is the key to this step of the selling process.


If you’ve made it this far, congratulations! You’re almost to closing! Helping sellers know when to finally accept an offer is a critical part of the real estate transaction. It is also very exciting!


Most buyers will want your home inspected to verify its condition. If repairs are needed, the seller will need to get them taken care of or offer something to the buyer. Working through the options with your Realtor will be a great help when making these decisions.


If repairs are needed it will be your agent that communicates with the buyer’s agent. By hiring a good Realtor you save yourself the stress of going back and forth with various repair issues that may arise.


This is the final step of the selling process. It requires a few professionals (attorneys, lender, etc) and a lot of paperwork. Your real estate agent will be able to walk you through this step and answer all of your questions. Since there is so much involved in closing you will avoid many mistakes by allowing your agent to take care of the details.

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